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62GR 5.56 Nato Reman Competition (200 RD CT)

62GR 5.56 Nato Reman Competition (200 RD CT)

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5.56 NATO 62GR FMJ

This is our 5.56 competition re-manufactured line. It is using LC brass in conjunction with a 62GR Hornady FMJ. Every round is hand inspected, case gauged and weight out to ensure consistency. Each pack is also vacuum sealed to ensure that moisture is never a problem for the longevity of your ammo. 

Approximate Velocity

20"-2900 FPS

16"-2720 FPS

10.3"2450 FPS

Due to the nature of re-manufactured ammunition, some of the brass may have dents and dings. It will not affect the performance of the ammo. It may also have some mixed LC head stamps as well. 

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